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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.


Monthly Pool Service  Residential

  • $145.00 per month (with pool sweep)  $145.00 (with out pool sweep)
  • Test and add chemicals,skim surface,
  • Clean skimmer basket,clean tile, clean pump basket, 
  • Skim surface,brush walls,vacuume pool,as needed
  • Clean filter as needed
  • Minor Repairs of pool sweep, or other pool equipment.(parts separate)

Acid Wash

  • During this procedure,
  • The stained pool is drained and a thin layer of plaster is removed
  • Along with most of the stains
  • Refill and balanced to pool water standards
  • You now have a cleaner,brighter pool serface
  • Without the cost of new plaster job
  • Call for estimate

Chlorine Wash

  • The  GREEN pool is drained,
  • The plaster is washed with a chlorine solution
  • Killing the algae.
  • The pool is rinsed and filled
  • Balanced to pool water standards
  • Call for estimate